Search Process

It is the desire of the Board of Trustees and the commitment of the Presidential Search Committee that the search process will be marked by engagement. We will keep the community updated as we work through these five main phases of the search process.


The search for a new leader begins by listening. We are seeking input and contributions from the entire Wake Forest community through a series of conversations. Through these discussions, we will hear what kind of leader our community desires to lead the next chapter of Wake Forest’s story.


Once the Search Committee collects the thoughts from the Wake Forest community, it will work to distill what was heard. Using this information, the committee will have a better understanding of the type of leader that would best fit Wake Forest in this moment.


Following the distilling of the listening sessions, the Search Committee will begin actively seeking the 14th president. This will involve the assistance of an outside search firm. The Search Committee will begin collecting and reviewing the résumés of potential candidates.


After reviewing résumés and selecting candidates that meet Wake Forest’s criteria, the Search Committee will begin the process of interviewing individuals. This work will further inform the Search Committee about each candidate and will reveal the best leader for Wake Forest.

Announcing and Introducing

Once the Search Committee has found the candidate that it believes will best lead and serve Wake Forest, it will announce and introduce the 14th president to the Wake Forest community.